Magic and the Beautiful in ‘The Ancient Magus’

A Review. Story: 9. Art: 10. Characters: 9. Enjoyment: 10. Overall: 10

Slight spoilers I gues :/ not really to be honest.

Story: (9/10)
The plot is very original, I enjoy the fantasy aspect of the world. It’s filled with faeries, dragons, vampires, spirits, sorcerers, magical beings, and much more yet to be discovered. Yet, Chise is a normal human being? Or so, that’s what we thought

In the beginning, Chise is sold at an auction. Yes, a human is sold to a monster- I mean, Elias. Who may look like a monster in our eyes but he’s a sorcerer who is looking for an apprentice, and a wife. Upon taking Chise under his wing, we discover that Chise is no where near ordinary. She’s a Slay Vega. A human born with the ability to see what normal beings can’t. As a result they absorb magic from their surroundings and amass great amounts within their bodies. This makes the story very intriguing and also adds a lot to her character as we learn more about the ability she has.

From that day forward, Chise’s life change and she meets many new characters who help her through her struggles. She lives a new life learning magic with Elias, going on many adventures with dragons, learning the meaning of her existence, and giving herself a reason to live. Through said adventures comes lessons we learn beside Chise.

The plot may start slow at first, but the development is outstanding. I highly recommend giving this manga a try. Especially with the anime coming out soon.

Art: (10/10)
There’s nothing really special about the art style, it’s simply beautiful and even without color it is colorful in my eyes

The way the magical world is presented is beautiful. If the manga is this astonishing, I hope the anime can really add it’s true colors that it deserves. I can’t wait to experience how wonderfully captivating some manga scenes are in the anime!

Characters: (9/10)
The character development as of chapter 40 is absolutely intriguing. I feel like I should go in depth with each character but the destroys the point of reading the manga.

Brief descriptions: Chise is a Slay Vega (as previously stated) and the apprentice of Elias. She is the main character that we follow through the manga. Elias is a “monster” speculated to be a Wendigo. Feel free to furthers spoil yourself by looking up what that is. Otherwise, read the manga before doing some research. Ruth is Chise’s familiar, who takes the shape of a dog and is a faithful companion. Silver, aka Silky, is a Silky who is the landlady. She is a supporting character in which she supports the main characters with meals and silent appreciation. These are just four of the many characters Chise meets and learns from. Like an ancient dragon, a cunning faerie, a magic shop owner, and the normal neighbors who don’t suspect a thing.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
How could I not enjoy such an inspiring work of art?! I’ve always been a big fan of fantasy but this knocks it out of the park. I can really relate to Chise’s hardships in her life and her struggles to overcome her memories. Even though Elias isn’t even human and doesn’t understand human emotions I feel like I can also relate to him as well.

Though I see lots of people look down upon this series for it’s lack of romance, I still enjoy the bonds that Chise has created with many characters. Especially with Elias and how they teach each other lessons on many different things.

I have very high expectations for the upcoming chapters and I have a good feelings I won’t be let down. The anime however has all my hype. For a lil preview into the anime world of Mahou Tsukai no Yome, there is an OVA that offers insight into Chise’s past. Truly stunning.

By: Weeaboo-Walshy

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