I am Ryan Laurie,

Introvert, coffee drinker, anime otaku, horror lover, video gamer, movie buff, kaiju enthusiast.

I planned to make this blog about my personal interests because I feel like it is one of the best ways for me share my thoughts with others. But, I’d also like to dedicate this blog to the interests of others, whether they’re an otaku, a fan of movies or video games, horror or monsters.

My wish is to be able to entertain others, not necessarily to give advice or make a call to action, but to provide my own insight and personal thoughts about different topics. And while I strive to be accurate in my writing and truthful to the matter, I do make mistakes. Any feedback is appreciated!

Born in the ocean state of Rhode Island, alumni of Worcester State University as well as Tantasqua Regional Senior High, and currently residing in Wales, Massachusetts with my blondie lab Lucy.