Shapeshifting Magic and the Journey for Purpose in ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’

A Review. Story: 8. Art: 9. Characters: 9. Enjoyment: 10. Overall: 9

When originally writing this, upon seeing that this very interesting manga had no reviews I couldn’t resist posting one. I’ll try my best to not reveal too much information as you have to read for yourself to find the reasons this manga is unique.

Story: (8/10)
Basically some sort of magical object made by some over powered being takes form of other objects in its surroundings. I know, it’s weird at first to think about but hear me out. What if this object takes the shape of a human? What if this inhumane immortal being learns to become a human? Well, of course he does. The main protagonist, pet named Fushi, may look human but is far from it. Through the immortal’s journey to find his purpose he crosses paths with many strangers who become a part of who he is and will become.

There are plenty of arcs that slowly unravel Fushi’s true self as he proceeds into the hardships of the human heart. He may be the only main character but he wouldn’t be Fushi without the flawed and troubled side characters that show Fushi what it means to be alive. Just like Ooima’s other manga, Koe no Katachi.

Art: (9/10)
I love the art style, the characters are what you expect from the creator of Koe no Katachi. The scenery is amazing like a masterpiece. Even more than enough to paint the perfect picture. Almost like her other manga, yet this one seems to have a more elaborate look to it, proving that an artists style is ever changing.

Character: (9/10)
You might think this immortal magical object is a mindless, boring, inhumane creature that is supposed to learn how to be human. Well, you may be right but nobody knows anything about Fushi. His past starts at the very beginning as the reader knows just as much as Fushi knows about himself. In fact, it is odd to refer to Fushi as any gender because they aren’t human or mortal. It is a true mystery to who they really are while we are slowly discovering along side them.

Each arc of the story is filled with many side characters that teach Fushi an abundance of new skills whether they be the hard labor everyone has to go through or simply learning how to eat like a normal human being. Along with each characters own hardships are lessons for Fushi to remember.

As Fushi transforms from a mindless, mysterious, inhumane, humanoid freak to a mindful, wholehearted, cunning young man on his journey he finds himself through others. But this is far from a spoiler, there are many mysterious things I bet even Fushi wants answers to. Like, how can he create objects out of nothing? What other cool abilities does he have that even he doesn’t understand? That we might never understand if not for Fushi’s self discovery.

Enjoyment: (10/10)
How could I not enjoy such a unique and interesting concept. How the main protagonist transforms from the first chapter to the most recent chapter, it is like watching a child grow up. Some moments made me laugh, most made my heart ache with sympathy and compassion for the hopeless and lost. Just like Fushi I can relate to trying to find myself, especially when you are gazing into others expecting something else yet you see your own reflection.

Finding yourself is like finding a good manga, this is that good manga.

By: Weeboo-Walshy

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