The Beauty of Music and the Human Connection in ‘Takt Op Destiny’

When I first heard that Madhouse and MAPPA hooked up and made a baby named ‘Takt Op Destiny’, I knew it just had to be good.

Now I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never really seen a musical anime before, nor one that wasn’t a musical but still plays out with a strong emphasis on music. 

So when I heard about this one, I didn’t think much going into it. The piano makes a strong appearance here, and well… I hardly listen to classical music. I was thinking “oh great, music is gonna save the world”, and while ‘Takt Op Destiny’ is pretty much just that, it is also so, so much more. 


*Whispers* “so much more”. 

Everyone loves music. I love music. 

I know you do too. Don’t you lie to me now. 

So when these purple/black monster thingys with hockey-like masks called D2s come to America to slap the instruments out of everyone’s hands, these magical girls called musicarts come raining from the sky to act as instruments of defense, born from the instruments of these musicians called Maestros. 


Basically these special musicians flick a wand at random and say “go get em tiger!” and these musicarts are like “k” and whip out energy swords and laser cannons and go fight these D2 monsters that are drawn to music. 


It’s a unique concept. But what’s more interesting (for me at least) is the development between characters. And these characters are actually likeable, like… all the main characters, which is rare for animanga these days. 

Takt is a melancholy pianist who lost his famous dad in a tragedy. He literally just wants to play some godd*mn piano in peace & quiet, but destiny has other plans for him (quite literally). His late dad was a world-famous pianist and it seems Takt just wants to live up to his father’s name. 

Anna is the supporting character who takes care of Takt, because hell if he knows how to do things for himself. For whatever reason she goes so far for him I forget, but she cooks, she drives, and she’s the best older sister who’s not actually a sister. She also deals well with everyone’s bullsh*t. 


Cossette is best girl.


I mean Destiny. 


I mean-

Cossette was a cheerful gal who acted as Anna’s younger sister and passionately admired Takt’s ambition to play the piano (because she can play just as well). She convinces him to play the piano for the world to hear (because he can’t play in a soundproof garage forever). There’s a real touching scene where the two of them are playing as a duet on the piano for a crowd, and it’s wholesome as f*ck. Her smile cures my depression and probably any cancer I don’t know about having.

I don’t like to get into spoilers. I’ll just say things happen at that piano session, and Cossette becomes Destiny, tearing down Takt’s world and forcing him to become a maestro. Maestro, ya know, that guy who stands there and flicks a wand as if to command an orchestra, but instead it’s an adolescent girl with killing intent. 

Destiny is a loveable and hilarious character. In the beginning she seems robotic, trying to act human. Her hunger for sweets are beyond compare, and Takt has a rough start working together with her. 

But then there’s the realization that Destiny is more than just a fighter, and Takt is more than just a pianist. 

As time passes she is more and more like Cossette, becoming more human with each tender interaction with the community. 


And as time passes he is more aware that there are things outside his garage; there are beautiful things in life besides piano, such as new places, friendly people, welcoming communities and the acts of kindness performed in those places for those people. 

I can’t fail to mention my ‘husbandu’ Lenny. I ain’t homosexual, but Lenny is a charming guy with talent and guts and spirit that could reverse global warming (don’t ask me how). Like Takt, he’s a maestro, but a veteran (he actually has a clue what he’s doing). He saves Takt and friends a number of times from the D2s as well as acts as a distant guardian, teacher, and protector. 

Titan is Lenny’s musicart and is perhaps the cutest yet most brutal loli child ever. Armed with a rifle as colorful as her, she doesn’t hesitate to blast away her opponents. There are very funny scenes with her and her interactions with Destiny. 

I haven’t delved too deep into the plot, but I honestly don’t think it’s as important or great as the character development or relationships. 


Basically, after a tragic event involving the D2s, Anna takes the newly became maestro Takt and his former friend turned musicart Destiny on a road trip through the United States to find a way for Destiny to not suck the life out of Takt whenever she faces D2s. 


On their travels, the group comes upon different rural and suburban cities straight out of the 1950s, fighting D2s and forming friendships with those who need help.

Lenny shows up to show Takt and Destiny the ropes. Takt needs to get out of his head and get into his role as a maestro. Destiny needs to read the air and learn what it means to be human, so she can understand Takt and Anna’s emotions. And Anna’s kinda just their driver and guardian. If Takt and Destiny didn’t have her around, they’d be really screwed and get nothing done. 

We also see a brief glimpse of other musicarts. Heaven is mysterious but seems to hold a great deal of power above all musicarts. Hell is… well… a psychotic macoshist dressed like an Olympic ice-skater and uses the spinning blades on her feet to slice and dice probably more than just D2S (obviously evil). I believe there was another musicart who wielded a sword and shield but her name hasn’t shown up on MAL (probably representing justice). 

There is a sliver of romance in Takt Op Destiny as well. It appears faint, but Takt and Destiny become more than just master and instrument. Takt must overcome his grief for Cossette and Destiny must show human emotion for Takt.

The anime hasn’t finished yet but I fear it’ll only have 12 episodes. It’s a really decent one with wonderful characters and a plot that’s easy to follow, but I don’t see the studios stretching the plot out any more than a 12-episode length series. I really look forward to it’s conclusion

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