Super Hxeros: No, this isn’t Your Typical Power Rangers

Studio: Project No. 9

Aired: July 2020, 12 episodes (and 2 OVAs apparently)


All I wanted was anime Power Rangers.

What I got was sexy anime power rangers (even better!) So what went wrong here after watching Super Hxeros?

A lot. 

A lot went wrong. SPOILERS are in due order, though you’re not missing much here. 

You see my fellow otaku… the first episode was the hook that showed promise; a familiar setting with a nostalgic theme (neon-clad teen superheroes fighting extraterrestrial monsters to save the world) that sets the foundation for what the plot could be, interesting & beautiful characters and a strong potential for a deep/memorable romance, and an interesting menace with a peculiar motive, and right off the bat it’s ecchi (which can be a hit or miss). 

Let’s just tear right into it, because f*ck it. Its an ecchi harem without a plot. I get there’s a lot of those, which is too bad, because I’ve seen some great ecchi anime (I’m looking at you Monogatari Series).

The plot goes nowhere. Our steadfast prude protagonist Retto is determined to wipe out an a insectoid bugger menace when they suck the labedo/sexual drive right out of his love interest Kirara, but hers is apparently so strong that she still functions as a person (just a little bit b*tchier). 

So Retto strings Kirara into his harem of schoolgirls (who constantly find themselves in lewd situations) who call themselves the Super Hxeros (hentai heros?) because… she has the h-energy (hentai energy… how discreet) to fight the aliens. 

How do these “hxeros” fight the aliens? By building up sexual energy of course! God it must’ve sounded so good on paper, and you’d think it’s an ecchi-fans wet dream, but no… the way it’s executed is uncomfortable and never taken seriously. 

There have been some creative ways studio’s have covered genitalia. Privates in this anime are slapped with white stars or fog lines, and characters react just as surprised & astonished no matter how many times they’ve seen their fellow rangers nude, which is far too often and under the same damn clichés of accidently walking in on each other and other “accidents”; once is funny but if it’s happening every episode that’s just poor writing. 

Back to the plot, or lack of, maybe half the episodes feature a new kind of bug alien until the final episode has a big showdown that results in the group being all jolly and determined to fight more aliens. Wait that’s it? I thought it was over, they saved the world didn’t they? The other half of the episodes are needless fan-service that doesn’t amount to anything meaningful. 

The characters and romance are sh#t. Let me repeat myself; the characters and romance are sh#t. The first episode introduces what could be a really interesting romance; Retto becomes determined to bring back his love-interest’s sexual-drive by fighting the aliens, and their goals eventually align. He wants so desperately to be with Kirara and she seems to be with him, so did their love ever blossom?

What began as a sort of one-sided rivalry becomes two friends wanting to be with each other. And that’s it. Seriously. He professes his interest in her and she has the audacity to tell him they can be together when they destroy ALL the aliens (ok?).

So when they destroy the alien leader on the final episode and it seems like love will finally blossom, Kirara reminds Retto that they can’t be together until they’re certain that ALL the aliens are in fact wiped out. Are you f@cking kidding me? 

The opening teases them sharing a kiss and joining hands, but that never happens. It’s a middle finger to the audience that’s held out watching this long. The final scene shows the group together celebrating their final victory and Retto laughing nervously, which is cut off to black. It makes me wonder how serious the studio was making this. 

Anyhow the other characters are Maihime, who has a very suggestive relationship with her dog and transforms into a half-furry; Sora, who likes to draw provacotive pictures, and nothing else;

The buggers (or aliens, name wasn’t that memorable) were perhaps the most unique thing about this dumpster fire, and that’s not saying much. If I can recall, there’s one that puts the group to sleep, another that has a stinger… one runs for mayor and actually disguises themselves well as a human, but they don’t add anything earthshattering to the plot other than to add conflict for each episode. 

The insectoids have really bizare powers but only threat, somehow. Retto gets stung at one point and a  weasel thingy pops out of his pants and transforms him into a girl unless he puts it back… (hah!). There’s also a beach episode where the “heros” have to eradicate this phalanx-looking sea cucumber that squirts liquid when squeezed. The studio must’ve been really inspired by these… is this a joke?

Some scenes made me laugh, like the couple described above. Others made me roll my eyes, or feel downright disappointed. If a season 2 ever comes out, I hope they really flesh out these characters (and I don’t mean meaningless  nudity) and their bonds grow with a new and interesting threat.

And there you have it. Did you enjoy reading this? Have you seen this anime or read the manga? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading. 

By: The Shy Otaku

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