Mechas feature big robots like this, found on Gamers Decide website

You like big robots? Do you like aliens? What about big robots fighting aliens or other robots? Then you’ve probably watched a Mecha. I grew up watching Transformers, although that show is child’s play compared to the Gundam series. This genre of anime features characters in robotic armor, realistic robots and the limitations of technology and the law of robotics, huge robots in combat, transforming robots, piloted robots, and much more.

I had no idea Mecha has its own subgenres. Wikipedia goes into further detail: feature robots (mecha) in battle. The genre is broken down into two subcategories; “super robot”, featuring super-sized, implausible robots, and “real robot”, where robots are governed by realistic physics and technological limitations…. Mecha series cover a wide variety of genres, from action to comedy to drama, and the genre has expanded into other media, such as video game adaptations. Mecha has also contributed to the popularity of scale model robots

Mecha Titles Reviewed

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