Kino No Tabi “The Beautiful World”

Story: 8. Art: 9. Sound: 8. Characters: 8. Enjoyment: 9. Overall: 8

Do not be fooled, this is NOT a sequel to the first season made back in 2003. This season is a remake.

Story: (8/10)
As of episode six there is not much to the story but it is simple. The main character goes from country to country in what seems to be a post apocalyptic world. The world is very separated and each country she visits seems to harbor something new and unexpected. This story tells of her adventures as she travels with her talking motorbike named Hermes. She meets dangerous and humble strangers and learns new ways of life.

Art: (9/10)
As the world is “anything but beautiful” the animation proves otherwise. I enjoy watching the animation and it is a key reason why I was interested in the series before initially knowing what it was about. It is a “sight for sore eyes.” Especially the opening and ending themes, the art style is my favorite.

Sound: (8/10)
The music is simply touching and really adds to each moment. I enjoy listening to the music. There are also nature sounds we hear through a lot of scenes which rather just adds the nice touch factor.

Character: (8/10)
So far there are just two main characters Kino and Hermes. They are really shrouded in mystery along with the world around them. Kino is a very like able character and I enjoy seeing what she has up her sleeve next. She is actually quite bad ass. She may look tiny but she has a big will to fight. I can tell that there is something in her past that inepts her to keep traveling.

Hermes is a motorbike, with a personality and a voice?? Yeah, I know, weird. But I like it and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Hermes is Kino’s companion on her travels. We do not know much about their ways but to me it seems they are inseparable.

We end up meeting a few characters here and there that Kino becomes acquainted with during her travels. It seems a lot of my questions about them will go unanswered. I enjoy the slight hint of mystery behind these humble strangers.

Enjoyment: (9/10)
I enjoy watching this series. There is nothing I don’t like about it so far. There is subtle humor sprinkled in to each episode that I love. I hope you give this anime a chance. I have hopes my curiosity becomes inspiration as the series develops. It is quite the fascinating world!

By: Weeaboo-Walshy

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