The Rising of the Shield Hero is an example of a fantasy anime

Fantasy, we’ve all dreamed of living in it. Magic and mages, dragons and unspeakable creatures, talking animals and code of chivalry, kingdoms and alchemy?  Something like that. Its not much different with anime, although they can probably get away with showing more fluid special effects than cinema and literature. 

Whenever I think of fantasy, I immediately think of The Lord of the Rings books/movies/games series’. Orcs and goblins, elves and dwarves, wizards and magic, swords and shields and bows, dragons and cursed rings to rule them all, its got everything fantasy and a wonderful series.

There’s also the far lesser known 1985 film ‘Legend‘ starring Tom Cruise and Tim Currey. Unicorns and fairies, swamps and dungeons, and Satin himself! Depending who you ask – its an older movie, but it screams fantasy.

One last example I can think up is ‘The Canterbury Tales‘ novel about a group of travelers trying to one-up each other by telling unique stories in the hopes of getting a free stay at an inn. Some of the characters tell really unique stories with elements of fantasy. This book was really a set of combined middle-English poetry & text that came out way back in the 1400s.

How could I forget DreamworksShrek! The animated film series feels so iconic today for all its funny moments and generated memes. If Shrek isn’t fantasy, then there are no others. Ogres, talking donkeys and literally every other animal, dragons, kingdoms, curses and magic. They’re a must watch.

If you still don’t know what fantasy is, in the context of anime, well… Wikipedias got nothing. Over at Honey’s List however, they’ve got some info I didn’t even think about. Fantasy often has elements of creatures and beings existing in a world in which they’re trying to hide their identity in. Reincarnation and awakening in a new world are elements of fantasy as well. The site also mentions even being in space can mean fantasy, with elements of science fiction as well. 

The concept is pretty broad, but at one point or another I feel we’ve all thought about it. 

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