Drama,  something I often try to avoid in my life. Prevalent to the max in grade school; almost nonexistent in my lonely home life. Nearly everyone has gone through a bit of drama in their life.

A broken or abusive household, the death of a loved one, a falling out with a friend, a love-triangle at school, someone suddenly showing back up in one’s life after years of being away, struggling to make ends meet with work or keeping up grades, et cetera et cetera. 

There are countless scenarios you can think up, what kind of drama has recently come up in your life? I’m sure that’s already been adapted into a manga or anime. The point is, drama connects to human emotion and the daily struggles of living. 

Drama anime try to make us feel for particular character and their situations; whether that emotion be happiness, anger, grief, or sadness. If we’re led to sympathize or better yet empathize with characters, then that anime has done a great job. If it leads us to instead laugh or roll our eyes, well… we probably can’t relate to them.

ReelRundown does it best when describing the drama genre of anime: “Whether it’s a tickle of emotion or a barrage of feelings, the goal of these series is to touch our hearts. In anime, one of the greatest signs that the drama effectively worked is if it was able to make you cry.”

Drama Anime Reviewed Thus Far

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