Even though Konosuba is mainly an isekai, it has many comedic elements

Everyone needs a good laugh. We find enjoyment in the humiliation and suffering of others (boy that got dark real fast), from a pie getting thrown at one’s face, texting and walking into a street pole, or walking in at a bad moment only to interpret it the wrong way (egs. guy is found dressing in girl’s bra and panties). 

The way in which characters react to particular events can be funny, from overdramatic (OH MY GOD WhhhhAAAAAAttttt???!!), to melodramatic (oh… okay *turns away*), and indifference (*blank stare*… *zzz zzz*. 

Words can be funny too, depending on your maturity level (POOP hehe, BALLS baha, bOnEr kakaka!) Aren’t those words funny? Although I find Japanese humor with word syntax can go over my head depending on if I know the word/phrase they’re talking about and the meaning of its letters (egs. KY (aka 空気読めない/くうき よめない) – Someone who is incapable of reading the atmosphere of a situation)… you spelt my name wrong.

Silly riddles and jokes are a staple in comedy, I recently came up with this one myself (Guess what?……………………………………. Chicken Butt) BAHAHA *demonic laughter*. DISCLAIMER I did not in fact come up with that joke. Some dunce in my high school blurted it out one time in class.

Humor can often be crude and outright offensive, which is exactly their point. So not everyone finds the same things to be downright hilarious.

Wikipedia doesn’t seem to have a technical definition for it, but really… if it makes you smile, giggle, or laugh your head off, you’re probably watching/reading a comedy otherwise it has comedic elements. Unless your me, I laugh at things that aren’t supposed to be funny, like a dumb group of teens getting caught and slashed to bits by Michael Myers. 

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List of Comedy Titles and My Recommendations

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  • Tsugumomo
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  • Konosuba
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun